The easiest way for Social Media influencers and creators to connect.

For Youtubers, Instagramers, Models, Musicians and so much more.




Cool video right? In a nut shell. We're trying to bring creators together. It's such a hassle and pretty much next to impossible to find other creators in your area. With Zespo, finding exactly what your looking for has never been easier. No more searching GEO tags on instagram or trying to recongize a locations in a photo or video. It's finially time to stop worry and start creating

alittle break down of the app.
(click the play button and click freeley around the app)

Home screen

This is where creators in your area are presented.Go directly to the creator's instagram and youtube accounts.

Porfoilo page
(click creators avatar)

This is where you'll see the creators best photos, videos, and or music.


When a connection is made, both creators will be notified that they've liked eachothers portfolios.


Now that each creators knows they want to work together, they can introduce themselves.

Custom Settings

Create complete custom settings to show types of creators you're looking for.

24/7 Support

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  • John Doe

    "I don't know why no one thought of this yet!" - Alexandra Richards

  • John Doe

    "I honnestly would use this everyday if I could." - John Smith

  • John Doe

    "It's next to impossible to find other Youtubers and Instagramers near me. Now I have no problem at all finding them!" - John Smith


What makes Zespo so unique?

Clean, Simple & Elegant

The apps minimaltic interface makes it easy to find what exactly your looking for! You'll know exactly how to use the app within 10 minutes gaurenteed.

Zespo's also unique becuase of the personal customization to the settings the user can make. If the user needs to find a certian type of creator in theyre area, they simply just have to check off what theyre looking for. Yes, it's that simple!